Monday, February 1, 2010

Using a Free Grant Database Most Effectively

Getting something for free is always a treat, and the database that Grants for Teachers provides would cost you $25-$30 per month if your school subscribed to one of the database services. Please don’t take it for granted just because it’s free. Use the Grants for Teachers school grant database to find as much grant money for your school or organization as possible.

The database is set up so that you make 3 choices before you search: your state, your type of school, and the type of grant for which you are searching. This narrows the number of grants down for you. Once you make these selections, you are scanning through only grants that are likely to be relevant. You’re automatically weeding out thousands of grants that are not relevant. If you’re looking for reading money in Alabama, you don’t care about the science grants that are available in Oregon.

That does not mean, however, that every grant that comes up in the search is going to be applicable to the problem you’re trying to solve. Now you have to scan the grant description for each grant to see if that grant is likely to apply to your situation. If it seems to apply, jot down that grant name or number and review the rest of the grants listed. When you finish scanning the description of each grant, you should have a small list of grants that you feel might be applicable to your situation.

Go back to those grant listings and read them thoroughly. If the grant listing has a live link to its website, go to that website and read every bit of information you can find about the grant and the application process. These live links are one of the very best features of the free Grants for Teachers school grant database. You can get complete information about each grant. In fact, you can often download a grant application from these websites.

To review, search for grants using the state, type of grant, type of school to narrow your list. Next read each grant description to see if that grant applies to your situation. Then, if the grant listing provides a live link to its website, use it to get complete information before applying for the grant. If you’re not using these links, you’re not using the free grant database effectively.

To access the free Grants for Teachers free grant database, go to:

Then, enter your email and do as many free searches as you like.

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